Common Queries About Our Backflow Services

  • The governor’s order only applies to delayed or missed payments.
  • Water quality and backflow prevention is a public health issue that the governor’s order did not apply to.
  • Backflow prevention protects the community from a second public health crisis related to water quality during the pandemic.
  • A suspension of the water service is regulated by State Regulation 11.39 due to noncompliance of backflow issues to protect the safety of Denver’s water system.

Backflow Prevention Assemblies

A backflow prevention assembly is a mechanical valve arrangement designed to prevent the reversal of the flow of water once it has passed through the valve.

Like any mechanical device, a backflow prevention assembly requires maintenance and annual testing. There are different types of backflow prevention assemblies required for different uses and different degrees of hazard.

There are no exemptions or “grandfathering” of backflow prevention assembly requirements.